The ICP maximalist network (ICPMN) members were extremely excited to host an AMA on March 4th 2022 with Visions, one of the most famous designer in the IC ecosystem. There is so much that is going on with ICMojis right now, including a fabulous ICMojis Legends collection launching on Entrepot Friday March 18th, 2022. This AMA was really high quality, Visions thouroughly answers all the questions with insightful answers, he has clearly been thinking deeply about all aspects of his project. Here is the transcript of the AMA to help you quickly get the most important latest information about ICMojis.

AMA Transcript

We are going to start an amazing AMA with the creator of one of the first NFT project on the IC. Visions is going to join us and answer all our questions about ICMoji Origins and the upcoming exciting ICMoji Legends collection coming soon.

Thanks so much for joining us today Visions! Very excited to make this AMA with you today.

• To get started : Could you please give us a short pitch for ICmojis?

It's a pleasure to be here, thanks for the AMA!

Sure! ICmojis are 60 unique playable characters / NFTs in our strategy game ICmoji Origins, which is still the only proper NFT game on the IC, winning the second DSCVR hackathon and now clocking in over 5,500 players. We're now releasing ICmoji Legends which is a new collection of 10,000 unique randomly generated ICmojis which will be playable along with the 60 original characters in our upcoming P2E game ICmoji Adventures.

• What inspired the ICmoji NFTs idea?

The original inspiration was to bring back forum emotes from the early days of the internet (before smartphones) and create something truly unique and nostalgic. I was really fascinated by the variety and uniqueness of those expressions.

• Could you tell us more about the upcoming ICmoji Legends collection launching March 18th on Entrepot? (number of artworks, artistic style, level or rarity of NFTs, price, the number of artworks allowed to buy, owner benefits, etc)

Yes, the total supply will be 10,000 and you will be able to buy as many as you want. Here are a few benefits:

- Playable in our upcoming P2E game ICmoji Adventures which you can read more about here:

- You will be able to level up any ICmoji Legend you mint / buy in Adventures. So you can find cool looking ICmojis and upgrade them to make them stronger

- ICM Token airdrop for holders when Adventures is released

- Anyone who currently owns 5+ original ICmojis will receive 1 Legends airdrop for every 5 owned

- Beta testing for Adventures for anyone who holds a certain number (TBD) of Legends

• Could you please share with us some ICMojis sneak peeks?

I'd love to, here are a few personal favorites!

Full Gold Super Saiyan:

Moji Matrix:

Dfinity Cap:

Fire King Derp:

• How does the new ICmoji Legends collection differ from the initial one already released?

The initial collection is 50 copies of 60 unique characters (3001 total mints), and while the IC community loved collecting and playing with our 60 unique ICmojis, we understand many collectors love to seek out unique and rare mints, or just ICmojis that really speak to them. So the Legends collection is 10k unique mints with no copies. This allows a lot of variety and enough playable characters to meet the demand we project ICmoji Adventures will receive.

• The crypto space is flooded with NFTs and there are more and more on the Internet Computer. How would you highlight ICmoji NFTs competitive advantages? What makes it stand out of the crowd?

Our competitive advantage is uniqueness. There's no collection that can come close to matching the variety and unique expressions the Legends collection will offer. When you take a look at the collection it feels like each of these mints were manually handcrafted (because they basically were). Here's a basic example of how our custom generative script works by dynamically re-positioning attributes to create completely new expressions:

Human emotions are incredibly varied and nuanced so it makes sense that emojis should be also - this is achieved by separating the mouths and eyes attributes and allowing them to be assigned to any position in any combination. Combine this with the upcoming P2E game which is already under development and this collection offers not only an aesthetic that no other collection can replicate but utility that no other collection has managed to successfully create yet.

• Do you have a detailed roadmap? What important milestones can the community expect in 2022?

Yes, we have a detailed internal roadmap that we plan on expanding into a full whitepaper and releasing soon. The most important milestone to expect is the release of ICmoji Adventures where you can earn tokens and increase the value of your ICmojis by leveling them up and optimizing their stats so they become more effective at earning tokens.

• So many people only care about immediate benefits rather than the long term value of the project they invest in. What is your plan to engage users for the long term in your game? And what type of community are you aiming to build?

Great question. We plan to expand Adventures to offer new challenges and rewards as players progress. This means we'll be expanding Adventures with new content and towers / dungeons to conquer with unique and challenging monsters and bosses that only the most optimized teams can defeat. This means new players entering the game will have a great amount of content to explore and veteran players will still have new challenges to look forward to. We want the game to be fun for any type of player whether their goal is to have a more casual, fun experience or their goal is to become the very best at optimizing their team and earning as many tokens as possible with the most challenging content.

Questions submitted by the community

• How will you keep the barrier to entry low for new players? Floor of ICmojis Gen1 is already 3.2 ICP. For a decent team the price is thus already much more than 10 ICP?

Another excellent question. Barrier to entry is a difficult problem to solve because the more value our P2E system brings to players, the more valuable the NFTs used to earn will be perceived. This is natural and unavoidable. We do have a solution though and that revolves around allowing ICmojis to be lent out to others. This means anyone who owns ICmojis will be able to lend them out and share in the profits whenever someone borrows and uses it to earn in-game.

• What provisions are in place to ensure the original ICmoji collections will thrive, thereby protecting OG collectors, and keeping the original Mojis valuable after the launch of Legends?

The original ICmojis will also be playable in Adventures and will furthermore be stronger starting out which will allow players to earn more tokens with less initial effort. There's also a much lower total supply of the original ICmojis. These two aspects should allow the original ICmojis to hold their value well long-term.

• Will tokens be introduced as a reward for winning the game?

Yes! You will earn tokens by defeating bosses. More challenging bosses reward more tokens so earning potential is effort based (we believe an effort based system is a very important detail for any token system to hold long-term value). You can use these tokens to level up your ICmojis which gives them stat boosts and possibly new abilities. Besides the stat upgrades we are thinking about introducing fun visual improvements that could be purchased with in-game tokens, but levelling up is the main focus.

• What is your priority, or what do you think is more important, product development or marketing?

ICmojis are famous for leaning very heavily in the former direction (product development) with very little focus on marketing. With the Legends launch we've tried to balance this out a bit more but ultimately product development and giving our collection real, actual value is our main priority. Most of our time was spent in designing assets and building the custom rendering script for unique expressions, while in the meantime releasing Tournament Mode, a new feature for ICmoji Origins players to win Legend airdrops. But what's new in our marketing strategy for example is having an NFT gated DSCVR Portal where people can post ICmoji related posts and win airdrops for them.

• What kind of partnerships with different projects/platforms/protocols can we expect in the future?

One that we are really excited about is DSCVR. We have been in talks with DSCVR about implementing ICmojis as reactions on the platform. This would first include the original set, but we might want to expand that for Legends too. DSCVR has a lot on their plate, so we're not sure when the feature will be implemented, but it's going to awesome given all the great things DSCVR has released recently!

Also want to say thank you for the excellent questions, Max. The community questions were well thought out and really fun to answer also. We love this community and I look forward to some live Q&A!

Q&A live session with ICPMN members

• Many NFT Game have big crashes as there comes a time when players get bored or disappointed with the project, so what measures will you take to keep these players in the your game?

New content as we touched on before will be key in this. I come from a gaming background and have seen a lot of games rise and fall. The most successful games long term continue to offer compelling content so that will be our focus also.

• Will there be a burn system? That is to say maybe a way to merge several ICmoji NFTs to have a better one.

No burn system is currently planned but we've considered it for the original collection since there are duplicates. This most likely won't happen though because we don't think it will be necessary based on the demand we anticipate for our games.

• Will the Legends collections have elemental traits similar to the first collection?

Yes, the elemental traits will most likely be applied based on the base color of the ICmoji. Each element will have its own pool of potential abilities so there will be many different ways to level your ICM and set up teams.

• Will you have your own marketplace to sell and buy the your NFTs?

Creating our own marketplace for ICmojis would be a waste of valuable resources - there's already a marketplace that people trust so that's not something we want to needlessly compete with. Good question though!

• Will the Legends traits have any influence on the base stats? For example, if my Legends has a weapon would it start with a higher strength attribute?

Great question. We don't have plans for this specifically, but certain ICmojis that are clearly "more legendary" (such as the gold super saiyan) will most likely be quite a bit stronger either through getting an additional ability or access to special / legendary abilities. We like the idea of changing stats based on attributes though and we'll get a lot of community feedback before committing to a specific distribution system.

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