The ICP maximalist network (ICPMN) members were extremely excited to host an AMA with one of the most anticipated upcoming NFT project on the Internet Computer: ICPunks. The team did an amazing AMA and answered all our questions. This project is going to be really exciting and we won't be surprised if everyone talks about it in the near future. You should all do everything it takes to get one ICPunk, these clowns will likely become very famous!

• Could you please introduce ICPunks team and give us a short pitch of ICPunks?

We are a team of 3, we know each other privately and two of us are brothers.
We have strong technical skills on the team. Each of us has previous experience in building startups from scratch.

• What inspired ICPunks NFTs idea?

The growth of the Internet Computer and people's increasing interest in NFTs

• What is your mission?

Our mission is to build a central marketplace that connects all the big blockchains, allowing fans of collecting to have their entire collection in one place.
That place, of course, is on the Internet Computer blockchain.

• Why did you choose clowns? Is it related to Insane Clown Posse, an American hip hop duo often abbreviated as ICP?

Yes, they were created as a reference to a meme comparing the Internet Computer token (ICP) with the Insane Clown Posse - an American hip hop duo founded in 1989.

• Why did you choose to mint 10000 ICPunks? Why didn’t you choose a lower or higher number?

This seems like a reasonable number to us. This is a frequently chosen collection scheme.

• How the allocation process will work? Is it first come first served?

Whitelist wallets (~2,000) will be able to claim the ICPunk a few hours before launch. Remaining ICPunks will be available to claim from the launch. Whoever goes through the process first will receive an ICPunk.

• We are afraid of missing out, how can we make sure to get one ICPunk on September 1st?

If you're an early fan of ours, you've been given access to the whitelist.
If not, you'll need to be quick during the launch.
If you miss the launch, don't worry - you will be able to trade ICPunks on our marketplace.

• Will you mint a first batch of ICPunks to keep them for early supporters like ToniqLabs did with first 1000 cronics?

No. All 10,000 ICPunks will be created at the same time and claiming will be random.

• How many ICPunks do you reserve in total for your team, Dfinity team, ambassadors and influencers?

The total pool for our activities is 100 ICPunks: 30 ICPunks will stay for the founding team, the remaining 70 will be used for marketing activities, collaborations, partners, Dfinity team, etc.

• Do you think the ICPunks can become as famous and valuable as the CryptoPunks from Larva Labs?

In the long term, we believe ICPunks will be very popular. On one hand, people will understand the advantage of the Internet Computer over other blockchains, and on the other hand, our further activities and projects will give even more value to our first collection of NFTs.

• NFT is currently considered more and more as the most promising market segment to attract mainstream adoption. What are your plans to make ICPunks become a standard known by everyone?

Our mission statement shows our specific plans. We want to be the #1 choice for collectors of NFTs, regardless of blockchain. ICPunks will be our main series and they will give special privileges.

• Do you consider the ICPunks project to be a “Defi + NFT” or a “GAMING + NFT” project, or any other combination?

We've had a lot of conversations as a team about combining NFT and Gaming. We want to move in that direction, but we don't have a specific date on the roadmap yet.

• On ICPunks website you mention "crosschain solutions". So, are you working on any crosschain solutions and planning to develop any bridge solutions?

Yes, the first crosschain we are working on is IC - ETH. You will be able to hear more about our further plans in the near future.

• Do you have a detailed roadmap?

Yes, but not yet public. Our current focus is on a successful launch.

• Do you plan to do NFT sales in the near future?

Yes, it's on our roadmap and ICPunk holders will have special rights for the next series.

• Why did you choose to mint ICPunks on the Internet Computer instead of using the ERC-721 NFT standard from the Ethereum blockchain, or any other blockchains?

We have been following dfinity's work since late 2017 and we believe IC is the best solution for NFTs. Comparing to ETH based NFTs:

No GAS, hence no GAS-WAR, in case of paid NFTs you only pay for NFT.
All information is stored on the blockchain. There is no need to use IPFS or dedicated web servers to host images. It’s truly decentralized NFT solution.

• Can you tell us more what is it possible to do with NFTs on the Internet Computer that won’t be possible on any other blockchain? And how you will implement this for ICPunks?

All information is stored on the blockchain. There is no need to use IPFS or dedicated web servers to host images. It’s truly decentralized NFT solution.

• Are you considering governance through ICPunks ownership on your future NFT marketplace or ecosystem?

We don't have plans for that at the moment, but as you can see we are very much listening to our community, so we don't deny this idea.

• There has already been NFTs minted on the Internet Computer. Why do you claim to be the first NFTs on the Internet Computer?

We position ourselves as the first "free" NFTs, but beyond that:
We are the first project to start working on NFTs on the Internet Computer.
We are the first NFT project to receive a grant from Dfinity.
Information confirmed by Dfinity.

In many ways we are the first, so we are convinced that the slogan we use is accurate.

• Why does it matter so much to you to be the first NFTs, don’t you prefer to focus on being the best ones, the most useful and most favourite?

It doesn't mean that much to us - it's just a slogan we promote. We focus on the results of our work, which is seen with ICPunks as the most polished NFTs on the IC.

• Will you make partnerships with ToniqLabs or DepartureLabs?

We have a good relationship with them. We will see what the future brings.

• Do you have the support of Insane Clown Posse? If not is a future partnership with them possible?

We plan to reach out to them and begin discussions regarding potential collaboration.

• What will be the rarity traits of the ICPunks? Will it be possible to customize them?

traits: Background, Body, Nose, Mouth, Eyes, Head, Top. They will not be customizable.

• What is your biggest challenge currently?

Our work is going according to plan and we have no major challenges at this stage.

• Who are your ambassadors and what role do they play? How to become one?

Ambassadors are people who have built a community and support us in various activities - AMAs, articles, etc. If you want to become one, write to us.

• Many people would love to get more involved in ICPunks community but don’t really know how to help, what should they do to support you?

Tell the world about us. Write to your friends. We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to get ICPunk and be with us from the beginning.

Q&A live session with ICPMN members

• Hey T-punk the website says claim your ICPunk with the internet identity but would the NNS be able to store the ICPunk?

It is possible. However the NNS will not show ICPunk, you will need to go to login and then see your tokens.

• You said that there is a list for people that can claim their NFTs before others but when we close the safari app the wallet disconnects. Does this affect the list, what is it based on?

The wallet address will be entered during the whitelist, which can be accessed by the early clowns community on discord.

Earlier you mentioned early supporters. Who qualifies as an early supporter? Are these individuals from 2017 or from some more recent event?

The first 2000 people on discord are considered early fans.

I found your first round of NFT distribution.  I managed to get this beauty. How can I get it? (Someone who got a test ICPunk by finding the test website)

I'm amazed that you found our test website. However those NFTs will be scraped, as they were test.

• How to know if your an early clown?

The first 2000 people on discord are considered early fans. Go to discord and check if your nick is green.

• How many people approximately will be waiting on launch day to claim their NFTs?

It's hard to estimate. We currently have 18k unique page views on the ICPunks website.

• What token standard are you using?

It's our own, based on ERC721. However during development we have seen the potential of the IC and modified it a lot. Functions are really similar to ERC721. We have added basic listing support, storing of asset data and properties of the token.

• I'm an early clown, on discord my name is green.  Next step, what should we do?

We will make an announcement in following days on the next steps and early claim for you guys :)

• Will it be one NFT per wallet?


• You've added listing support? Does this mean you have a marketplace available? how/where will people be able to buy or sell ICPunks after launch?

Yes we have marketplace in our roadmap, it was further down the road. However thanks to IC and few changes to base contract we can roll it sooner :)

🤡 Join all the amazing clowns out there! 🤡

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