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Today we are thrilled to share some amazing updates and announcements with the MoonWalker Gang and the IC community. We have been focused on building our metaverse in the past couple of months and have made important progress. On January 13th 2022, we successfully reached a critical and challenging milestone with our multiplayer testing. With dozens of core community members, the MoonWalker OGs, we gathered in our metaverse and enjoyed this new world full of possibilities we are currently building. We were able to successfully test multiple important features such as live interactions with other players and Plug wallet integration for displaying your favourite NFTs in your wallet as your in-game avatar.

We then collected feedback and are now actively working on scaling our multiplayer networking solution and releasing an improved version. We are also growing our team and are happy to tell you that we have successfully contracted an amazing web developer. We are still actively looking for experienced unity developers passionate about the Internet Computer to join us in building our metaverse. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are one of them or know someone that would be a perfect fit, we would be more than happy to offer a referral bonus.

All these promising updates shared above are laying a solid foundation to build a strong use case and provide value to our extraordinary community and the Internet Computer ecosystem. We are happy to reveal that before the end of Q1, we are going to release the initial version of our first game.

In this game the MoonWalkers will play a major role, along with Plethora, a mystical dimension full of NFT rewards born thanks to a mega ongoing NFT collaboration currently happening in the IC community with our NFT partners.

More info will be shared later in this article. You can still participate if you are an IC NFT project by reaching out to us, this is going to be really fun.

Daily quests coming before end of Q1 2022

An exciting milestone we look forward to reaching in the near future, is the release of our first game before the end of Q1 2022. Our objective with this initial version of our first game is to create quests on a daily basis in our metaverse.

This means that every single day, gamers will be able not only to have fun in our metaverse by playing multiple quests a day but also by earning.

They will earn all kinds of rewards based on our game mechanics, including but not limited to in-game items, random rewards (mystery box), sudden rewards (easter eggs), status points, boosters, and most importantly amazing IC NFTs locked in the Plethora Dimension. Please note something important, interoperability is a core component of the metaverse we’re building. These daily quests will be open to many different NFT communities, we want you to represent your favorite NFTs while you will be playing. We can’t wait to see what is the best NFT community in our game!

Besides the great excitement of releasing our initial version of our first game, this will also help the team gather feedback on a daily basis based on actual users' behaviours to iterate on our product. There is no better way to build something the community finds valuable while avoiding wasted time on false assumptions.

These daily quests will also be a gold mine for the team and the community to move forward in the right direction with the community’s long term best interests always in mind.

Being able to quickly leverage feedback loops on a daily basis from the community makes us really excited as builders, as we’re going to get closer to the community than ever before and build together with you.

We refer to these upcoming daily quests as our first game because they are not our ultimate objective. We consider them as a strategic milestone towards building our killer use case. We are going to leverage them as a foundation for our ecosystem, we have something much bigger in mind for the community and the IC ecosystem. We can’t wait to reveal more info about this in Q2.

Plethora Dimension born from an ongoing NFT mega collaboration

Plethora is a mystical new dimension where all NFT rewards for our upcoming daily quests will be locked until they are released as rewards. Plethora is very mysterious, we know very little about this dimension. A core component of its ecosystem is indicated by its name, it seems to always provide abundance. This means Plethora will continually have amazing NFTs to offer to our community as they play and complete daily quests. Although it is still in its infancy, Plethora is already considered to be extremely reliable and transparent. It will always reward the community with awesome NFTs and you will always be able to check what NFTs live there and how they escape from it when they are released as rewards.

At launch Plethora will have at the very least a value of $25,000 as NFT rewards and we aim to increase it steadily to over $1,000,000 minimum in a sustainable way.

Plethora was born thanks to the extraordinary support of many NFT projects in the IC ecosystem who contributed to its birth with their NFTs. We are going to reveal our NFT partners in the coming weeks through different announcements and promotional videos. We want to say a huge thank you to all our NFT partners, we can’t wait to promote them and bring value to what they are building and to their communities. The following list is non exhaustive, we want to always bring more value to our partnerships over time:

• Integrate our NFT partners in our game as avatars so that players can play and represent their NFT community

• Display our NFT partners in our metaverse

• Advertise our NFT partners in our metaverse

• Make some promotional videos with our creative studio to promote our NFT partners

• Make some promotional tweets with ICP Maximalist & IC Gallery accounts to promote our NFT partners

Once we make more progress with the game mechanics, there will be more fun and creative ways to promote. We are always looking for more NFT partners on an ongoing basis, if you are an IC NFT project interested to participate in Plethora please reach out to us, we will be very happy to connect with you. We want to build long term relationships with our partners and compound them over time so that they can become more and more powerful as the ecosystem explodes. This is why it's extremely important for us to make it mutually beneficial and provide as much value as we can to our partners.

What’s next?

Many things are going to happen before releasing the daily quests and Plethora Dimension by the end of Q1. We are going to schedule more community calls with the MoonWalker Gang to keep the community updated. We will inform you on the progress made on scaling our multiplayer networking solutions, and we are going to do more testing sessions like the one we did on January 13th with MoonWalkers OGs. We are also going to reveal our Plethora Dimension NFT founding partners little by little in the coming weeks. We are currently looking for unity developers to grow our team and accelerate our development, we will officially update you once the team is growing. We are currently building a website with the awesome web developer who recently joined the team and we are actively working on a rebranding. Many exciting things are going to happen, we are only getting started.

We want to thank everyone in our extraordinary community and in the IC ecosystem that show us tremendous support, you inspire us and we look forward to building a valuable metaverse for you.

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