Hello IC Community, PORTAL has an exciting announcement to share. For the past month, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes testing live streaming running completely on the ICP blockchain; a first of its kind! Now it’s time to share some of that hard work with the people who will make PORTAL what it truly is, you! PORTAL will be holding an alpha test later this month and we’ll need the entire community to really push it.

Refresher – What is PORTAL

PORTAL is a decentralized live streaming service on the blockchain powered by the Internet Computer. The blockchain provides us with breakthrough technology to provide a more unique live streaming service centered around the users; for both creators and viewers. Current competitors in this industry say they focus on the users first, but ultimately this gets lost in all the red tape. What you end up finding, is a curated list of content being pushed by a few people in power. A service which depends on the creativity of its users should never be handled this way. Thanks to the blockchain and tokenization, we give the power back to the users.


Alpha Test

The Alpha test will be open to all eager streamers and viewers. Running during the week of September 20th. Please follow our social media for up to date information. We want as much feedback as possible. Have a decent PC rig and familiar with OBS software? Perfect, PORTAL will support this software out of the gate. Prefer to stream in the palm of your hands? PORTAL supports streaming from your phone too. We will constantly tinker with ways to stream; however, for the alpha, these will be the main two ways. A write up on how to stream through a PC and through phones will be shared before the alpha test. If streaming isn’t your thing, but you love to watch your favorite content creators, then this alpha needs you as well. Come help us test our tokenomics.

Tokens will serve several use cases during our official launch. For the alpha, we will test how users earn tokens. Streamers will receive PORTAL tokens based on time streamed and viewers watching. Meanwhile you, the viewer, will get rewarded based on time watched and your activity in chat. By the end of the alpha, we will have a leaderboard for the most tokens earned by streamers and most tokens earned by the viewers. One winner from each side will win a prize. There will also be a 3rd prize which will go to one random participant. The third prize symbolizes PORTALS commitment to not only the most popular streamers but to every user of the platform. So even if you aren’t at the top of the leaderboard, you have a chance to win!


So now that we know what the mission is, let’s talk about the prizes. I would like to start off with saying, the ICP community has been so helpful in extending a helping hand. We are currently talking to multiple ICP projects and people in the ICP space and they have been nothing but kind with collaborating with us. With the help of a couple projects we will be offering NFTs as prizes. NFTs are one of the cornerstones of blockchain technology and will be a big part of PORTAL. We would like to show our commitment to the NFT space by offering them as prizes for the lucky winners. It’s our way of thanking the community for helping us get PORTAL just right.

Final Thoughts

What we've shared with you here is just the tip of the iceberg for PORTAL. We have so many things to share but we believe in thoroughly testing in increments so we can deliver on our promises. The alpha test will provide just a glimpse of the features we have planned for PORTAL, but it is necessary to test these basic features to get us to where we truly want to go. We hope you are as excited about PORTAL as we are. The blockchain and decentralization has given us a new take on creator driven content. It has given the power back to the user and we cannot wait for you to harness a little bit of that power with PORTAL!

Drop into our Discord and lets chat!

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