Well it’s official, we’re emerging out of the shadows with an innovative and exciting strategic partnership! CipherProxy has been partnering with the IC Gallery project for the last couple months to build and explore new possibilities for NFTs in the IC metaverse. We’ve all been in stealth mode working tirelessly in order to push the boundaries of what’s possible on the Internet Computer.

Thats why we are proud to announce this unique partnership that will enables us to perform AI experiments inside of a fast growing metaverse environment. You read that right, AI is coming to the IC Gallery! As a strategic partner of the project, we will have many great synergies and privileges with the IC Gallery.

  • CipherProxy will offer incentives and utility to owners of the Moonwalker collection
  • CipherProxy will explore ways to bring AI to the 3D moonwalker NFT collection
  • CipherProxy will list unique NFTs for sale and for auction through the IC Gallery
  • CipherProxy will host exclusive events inside of the CipherProxy specific room
  • IC Gallery will build a specific room to conduct experiments with CipherProxy team to mix AI with NFTs and gaming
  • IC Gallery will help build and maintain CipherProxy room to display AI arts and unique NFTs
  • IC Gallery will work on gaming experiences where AI will be involved
  • IC Gallery will provide an environment for CipherProxy to connect AI with various aspects of the metaverse and a multitude of NFTs within the gallery
  • IC Gallery will provide gaming dev resources to CipherProxy for building crazy AI gaming experiments
  • IC Gallery will give the priority to CipherProxy team for everything related to AI in the metaverse being built

Welcoming you to CipherSpace

The synergies that are possible from introducing AI to the world of NFTs, metaverse environments, and gaming are endless. We will begin this journey of exploring these possibilities by presenting a first glimpse demo video of an exciting new way to interact with NFTs.

We will be showing this demo video from within the very first IC Gallery project specific room! We will be calling our room by the name of CipherSpace. Make sure you stop by CipherSpace to catch a glimpse of what’s coming next for NFTs on the Internet Computer!

CipherProxy will be releasing a series of updates surrounding our projects. Stay up to date with our progress by following us on social media’s and visiting our website and the IC Gallery CipherProxy room, CipherSpace!

Stay up to date:

IC Gallery: https://gan2q-ciaaa-aaaai-aanoq-cai.raw.ic0.app/

Website: https://www.cipherproxy.com/

Twitter: CipherProxy ∞ (@CipherProxyLLC)

Distrikt: distrikt CipherProxy

DSCVR: DSCVR CipherProxy


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