The ICP Maximalist Network (ICPMN) is making a big transition in 2022 to become a powerful member-centric Web3 community. As part of this transition, we are officially sharing what binds us together as a community: our common mission, vision, values and guiding principles.


The mission statement focuses on today and what ICPMN does.

We strive to accelerate the paradigm shift made possible by the Internet Computer to build a better world.


The vision statement focuses on tomorrow and what ICPMN wants to become.

To establish ICPMN as the world’s most member-centric Web3 community.


Values and guiding principles establish a framework for decision-making and highly regarded and expected behaviours in our community.


Always treat our community members as the most important people in this world and always exceed their expectations.

Intellectual Honesty

Place a high value on thinking hard and thinking independently without being biased.

Value creation

Be aware that the best things in life comes from a compounding process, create long term value in everything we think and do.


Together we are stronger, together we go further.

Diversity and Inclusion

Every single community member is welcomed and equally important in our community.

Thought Leadership

Be consistent in seeking excellence, never stop to positively inspire and influence.


Possess a burning desire to learn, build, engage, and contagiously spread our knowledge with enthusiasm.

The ICP Maximalist
The ICP Maximalist

Founder of ICP Maximalist Network (ICPMN) and the IC Gallery metaverse and 3D MoonWalkers NFT. Focused on building Web3 communities and products on the Internet Computer for the next decade.
Advisor and seed investor in the IC ecosystem.

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