The ICP Maximalist Network NeuronID 4966884161088437903 is configured with the 12 voting members listed in this article as Followees for the Governance topic as per the policy document

They were duly elected by the ICPMN community via Telegram poll conducted on January 10-13, 2022.  They will participate in discussion for Governance proposals on the and in various ICPMN social media channels in order to engage the IC community in governance discussions.  They will vote with their own convictions on each proposal.

The quantity of voting members combined with the diversity of backgrounds enable these elected officials to represent the IC community, especially the ICP Maximalist Network.  Due diligence is expected from each voting member to cast their votes manually on every Governance proposal in order to guarantee the reliability of voting by the ICPMN neuron for the IC community.

Please note that this ICPMN neuron and the associated ICPMN accounts are not intended to be a treasury for the ICP Maximalist Network.  The internet identity, neuron, and associated accounts were set up for governance participation only.  Please do not make any donations to this neuron.

Wenzel Bartlett

Neuron - 8269903528373981952

Husband, father, chemist, analyzer engineer, #8yeargang.  Learned about the internet computer at genesis in May 2021 and became hooked immediately.  I love the passion and enthusiasm I see from the IC community and want to do everything I can to catalyze growth of the IC ecosystem, including development of a second career in this space.  I have been an active member of the ICP Maximalist community since it was started. Twitter: @BartlettWenzel; Telegram: @BartlettWenzel; Reddit: u/sayitkind; Discord: @Wenzel#9041; DSCVR: @wpb; Distrikt: @wpb; @OpenChat: @wpb; Email:

Bob Bodily

Neuron ID: 12995586854978175822

Bob Bodily is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Toniq Labs. He also created and He has been heavily involved in the ICP Maximalist community since the very beginning. Twitter: @BobBodily; Telegram: @bodily11

Brian Galler

Neuron ID: 14857913794892254103

Brian joined the ICP Maximalist Network (ICPMN) community in August, 2021. He is an ICP investor (8 Year Gang), founder of IC3D NFT, ICPMN Ambassador, co-host of the Blockchain Mavericks Show, and has advised a number of IC NFT projects. As the founder of IC3D NFT he is focused on development of 3D NFTs and the creation of a land ownership and game Metaverse environment. Brian has three decades of software development experience. For the past 20 years he has been a technical program & project manager leading software development teams through the delivery of complex software systems. Brian has a passion for building teams and helping them achieve big goals. He experienced the transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and recognizes the huge potential of Web 3.0 and specifically the Internet Computer. When he isn’t geeking out on technology Brian enjoys time with his family and going on wilderness backpacking adventures to disconnect. Twitter: @BrianKGaller; Telegram: @BrianGaller

Christian Müller

Neuron ID:7949437292429642200

Christian studied Computer Science and holds a PhD in Formal Methods at the Saarland University. He is employed by DFINITY since 2019 and had a chance to work on different layers of the IC stack: first in the execution team and later in the consensus team. Recently he took over an engineering lead role in the orchestrator team. Twitter: @drmllr; Telegram: @cmllr

David Fisher

Neuron ID: 16327204681410622208

Co-founder of 9Yards Capital, a venture capital investment firm. Formerly worked in private equity at Leonard Green and banking at & JP Morgan. English with South African roots. I am extremely excited about the future of ICP!  Telegram: @daviefish

Steve Erickson

Neuron ID: 1124742246653679364

Steve has been involved in the Internet Computer community since genesis as an early member of the ICPMN Ambassador Program and Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Toniq Labs. Originally drawn to the Internet Computer by its technical capabilities such as reverse gas and on-chain hosting, he was then convinced to pursue a career in the Internet Computer ecosystem by the engaged community and unique governance system. Prior to Toniq Labs, Steve worked as an ITS Project Leader for Boston University on marketing systems design, implementation, and administration. Twitter: @EasyStevie_e; Telegram: @EasyStevie

The ICP Maximalist

Neuron ID: 11234902717315940161

Founder of ICP Maximalist Network (ICPMN) and the IC Gallery metaverse and 3D MoonWalkers NFT. Focused on building Web3 communities and products on the Internet Computer for the next decade.
Advisor and seed investor in the IC ecosystem.
Twitter: @icpmaximalist; Telegram: @icpmaximalist

Kyle Langham

Neuron 16310791615463810241

Hello everyone!  I first got involved in the Internet Computer shortly after Genesis and staked my first ICP in an 8-year neuron on 23JUN21.  I am the author of the ICP Analysis on Substack and am very interested in data analytics around the NNS and the ICP tokenomics.  My full time career is as a director of a data science and analytics team for a biopharm company.  At some point I hope to work full time on the Internet Computer ecosystem. Twitter: @kylelangham; Telegram: Kyle L

Manu Drijvers

Neuron ID: 8191637969740243463

Manu Drijvers is a cryptographer that works on consensus & chain key cryptography at the DFINITY Foundation. Twitter: @manudrijvers; Telegram: @manudrijvers

Adnan - MonkeyCruise

Neuron ID: 7749742271488644191

My name is Adnan aka MonkeyCruise I am an ICPMN Ambassador and I currently help support the IC community. It’s my belief that the Internet Computer and its communities are going to be a benchmark and envy of true Web3 Communities of the future.  I have been a part of the various IC communities and projects since Genesis. I’ve been supporting with consultation, delivery execution, and community support for numerous projects.

I have a passion for technology and innovation. I have many years of experience in project delivery and product ownership for many fortune 500 companies. I have built a reputation for simplifying the complex and being a creative problem solver who has consistently delivered projects with a customer focused approach to drive sales growth and deep value . I am proficient at building and maintaining professional relationships with a proven ability to bridge gaps and build consensus.  You can always get in touch with me on various platforms. Twitter: @monkeycruise; Telegram: @monkeycruise;  Distrikt: @adnan;  OpenChat @adnan Email:

Daniel Radu

Neuron ID: 3946849296613344209

Hello I am Radu Daniel.  My passions are: philosophy, human behavior, systems. These made me tip my fingers in: marketing > management and finally entrepreneurship. I co-founded marketing business in 2013 and created 2 spinoffs, ( - a website where one can discover teams culture for a better career fit; ( - a web based cash-flow collaborative forecasting and tracking solution for teams and companies. I have a preference for fast moving environments, progressive, which emphasize critical thinking while keeping aware of our limitations.  I value quality divergent conversations with constructive people. Sometimes we need to break some eggs 🥚 to make an omelet. Around  #blockchain space since 2016. Twitter: @radudaniel; Telegram: @radudaniel

Roman Ingardeniana

Neuron ID: 12513174241823836019

Logic researcher in Paris, it is however as an investor that I interact with the world of blockchain, because if my job has made me aware of some of its notions and its beauty, I have on the other hand no IT skills. I discovered the Internet Computer just after having entered into the blockchain space, in May 2021. I immediately fell in love with it and decided to reinvest into the ICP all of what I had invested into the other blockchains. Although my passion for the Internet Computer has now largely exceeded my initial exclusive interest in investing and I am now absolutely interested in everything that happens there, I think it was important to have among the ICPMN voting members at least one or a couple of ambassadors of the pure investors, although again like Wenzel and many others, the pure investor that I was, quickly became an ICP Maximalist. Twitter: @IngardianaRoman; Telegram: @RomanIngardeniana

Owner of ICPMN Neuron

As defined in the ICPMN Neuron policy document referenced previously in this article, the ICPMN neuron was created and is managed using an internet identity anchor that was created with the Internet Identity dApp ( and the NNS dApp (  Wenzel Bartlett was elected by the ICPMN ambassadors on January 7 by unanimous decision to be the Owner of the ICPMN Neuron as defined in the policy document.

Wenzel Bartlett
Wenzel Bartlett

Husband, father, chemist, analyzer engineer, #8yeargang
Very interested in ICP tokenomics and governance and highly engaged in the ICP Maximalist Network.

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