New Internet Computer (IC) enthusiasts have many of the same questions. This quick start guide is your source to answers for the most frequently asked questions. The IC community and ecosystem is a very vibrant and ever changing entity. As you will find, the IC is a community owned ecosystem. IC enthusiast across the globe create and share applications, services, and content daily. This guide is a link to some of the most informative IC content available. This guide will be updated periodically to include additional information.

What is the Internet Computer?

The Internet Computer (IC) is a decentralized blockchain network of computers hosted in independent data centers spread across the globe. The network is connected via the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). Software applications and services run directly on the IC in self-contained, cryptographically secured, and replicated environments called canisters. The IC is the first blockchain to run at web speed. IC enthusiasts believe that it will become the new Web 3.0 version of the Internet. For a more detailed explanation of the IC check out the following resources.

DFINITY FOUNDATION | What is the Internet Computer?

DFINITY DEVELOPER CENTER | What is the Internet Computer?

How do I access applications and services on the Internet Computer?

One of the many revolutionary capabilities of the IC is that users can create a single Internet Identity (II) which will securely authenticate them into any application or service on the IC (as long as the application has integrated with II). The days of usernames and passwords will soon be a thing of the past. The first link below is to the II demo from Dfinity. You will also find a link to the II Logon page where you can create your II. A few other resources are included to help you learn more about Internet Identity.

DFINITY FOUNDATION | Internet Identity Logon

DFINITY DEVELOPER CENTER | How to use Internet Identity

DFINITY DEVELOPER CENTER | Windows Hello Guide for Internet Identity

Where can I find out what applications and services are hosted on the Internet Computer?

The IC ecosystem is growing so rapidly that there is no single complete source for all the available applications and services. New projects are launched nearly everyday and no one can seem to keep up. Eventually, the IC ecosystem will be so large that it will be indistinguishable from the current World Wide Web. However, there are several resources for exploring all the IC greatness. Check out the following lists to find something that interests you.

How can I get more involved in the IC Community?

The IC community is very welcoming and friendly. Don't hesitate to find a group to become a part of. There are many Telegram and Discord channels as well as a large ICP contingent on Twitter. There are groups that focus on price, some that focus on the technology, and some are application specific. There should be something for everyone. Be sure to subscribe to media hub to be notified when new articles are published. Below is a list of some additional places to start.

A decentralized social news aggregator built on the Internet Computer
IC Community media hub
The Internet Computer seen by the IC Community
ICP Maximalist Network
The ICP Maximalist Network is a 24/7/365 community-driven initiative focused on providing continuous help and opportunities for its members & the Dfinity ecosystem. Our mission is to make your journey into the Internet Computer increasingly valuable
ICP Maximalist Announcement
The best and most important ICP news about curated for you on a daily basis. Main telegram : Twitter : DSCVR :
How to Get More Involved - The ICP Guide
Welcome to the Internet Computer community! Here are a few ways to get more involved and start contributing: 1. Buy Some ICP Buying ICP will give you some familiarity with crypto exchanges and will be necessary for a few of the later steps in this guide. It doesn’t have to be a lot. You could … How …

Who are some IC community influencers to follow?

The IC community is packed with great people doing amazing things on the Internet Computer. This list could never be complete, but here are just some of the movers and shakers in the IC community. Start here and you will be able to connect to many other IC influencers. My apologies for not being able to include a comprehensive list.

Dominic Williams | Twitter Distrikt

Founder of Dfinity Foundation | Internet Computer

Liz Yang | Twitter

Putting the LIZ in decentraLIZe. FUDBuster @DFINITY

Igor Lilic | Twitter

Developer Relations @Dfinity

Andra Georgescu | Twitter Distrikt

Co-founder @distrikt, Sugar, spice and everything nice @DokiaCapital

Rick Porter | DSCVR Distrikt


The ICP Maximalist | Twitter Distrikt DSCVR Website

Founder of ICP Maximalist Network

Jordan Last | Twitter Distrikt

Defender of the Internet Computer, Creator of Sudograph, Host of the Demergence podcast

Bob Bodily, PHD | Twitter Distrikt Website

Founder |

Easy Steve | Twitter Distrikt

Cofounder @MotokoSchool, Ambassador ICP Maximalist Network, Cronics Team @toniqlabs

Visions | Twitter Distrikt

Graphic Designer, Creator of ICMojis

Norton Wang | Twitter

Founder/Creator of @axon_ooo, @ic_rocks, @cycle_dao

Harrison Hines | Twitter

Co-Founder of @fleekhq

Barry Paisley | Twitter

Founder @Canistore

Michael Panik | Twitter YouTube Distrikt

Co-founder @BordoSocial, Software Engineer @WeAreAlloy, Contributor @USNews, @dfinity and Internet Computer ($icp)

@SuddenlyHazel | Twitter Distrikt

Building @DepartureLabs and @GetBunchd on the IC.

James Feura | Twitter

CEO/Founder of @CipherProxyLLC

What is the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) token?

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) token allows the IC community to participate in governance of the IC. Additionally, ICP can be converted into cycles used to run websites and applications on the IC via canisters. Check out the Dfinity Foundation articles below for more details about the ICP token.


DFINITY FOUNDATION | Tokens and cycles

Should I invest in the Internet Computer?

Before investing in the Internet Computer you should research it to see if it is an investment that fits your objectives. Everyone's investment needs and objectives are different. Hopefully this guide will point you to all of the information that you need to make this decision.

The best way to research the IC is to use it and the applications built on it. A new IC enthusiast in the ICPMN Telegram channel recently asked about the best strategy to get involved. Igor Lilic (Dfinity Developer Relations) gave some great advice. Igor's advice was, "Follow builders. Actually use the tools".

Check out more of Igor's response to this insightful question here:

Igor Lilic (Dfinity) in ICP Maximalist Network
What a great question! Read as much as you can. Absorb whatever you are able to absorb. Pace yourself, some of the worst financial decisions are made when you feel the pressure to hit a home run. This is a marathon not a Sprint. Follow builders. Actually use the tools. In the case of ICP, install …

Igor also suggested getting at least a basic understanding of how the Internet Computer leverages WebAssembly (WASM). WebAssembly is an open internet standard that allows any programming language that compiles down to WASM to be run on the Internet Computer. Motoko is Dfinity's native language, but there are other popular programming languages such as C/C++, C#/.NET, Rust, Java, Python, Elixir that also compile down to WASM. This makes web development on the IC open to nearly all of the web development community.

How can I get ICP tokens?

Before purchasing ICP tokens you should DYOR (Do Your Own Research). I'm not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. With that disclaimer out of the way, if you choose to invest in ICP you can purchase it through an exchange that lists ICP tokens as available for trading. No exchanges are listed here due to the wide variability by region. However, you can check these below coin listing sites for a list of exchanges that may offer ICP.

Internet Computer (ICP) live coin price, charts, markets & liquidity
Track current Internet Computer prices in real-time with historical ICP USD charts, liquidity, and volume. Get top exchanges, markets, and more.
Internet Computer price today, ICP live marketcap, chart, and info | CoinMarketCap
Get the latest Internet Computer price, ICP market cap, trading pairs, charts and data today from the world’s number one cryptocurrency price-tracking website

How can I stake ICP tokens to earn rewards?

ICP investors can earn additional ICP by participating in the governance of the IC network. This is done by staking their ICP in the IC Network Nervous System (NNS) which allows them to vote on proposals to change the IC.

Note that in order to stake ICP to earn rewards you must commit to "lock up" your ICP for six months to eight years (or more). This means that once locked up you would not be able to get your ICP back out of the neuron until you have started the unlock process and waited for the lock up period that you chose to pass.

Once you have purchased ICP you will need to create your Internet Identity and then create an account in the NNS. Below you will find resources that explain in more detail the exact process and criteria for earning ICP rewards by staking ICP in the NNS. You will also find an ICP Neuron Calculator below that will help you estimate the amount of rewards that might be possible.

Earn Substantial Voting Rewards by Staking in the Network Nervous System
Anyone can participate in the governance of the Internet Computer network and earn rewards by staking ICP utility tokens as voting neurons.
How Do I Stake My ICP? - The ICP Guide
Staking ICP is easy. Buy ICP at Coinbase, transfer to your NNS wallet, stake your ICP, select your staking options, and get ICP rewards.
A Beginner’s Guide on How to Stake ICP Tokens on the Internet Computer’s Network Nervous System (NNS)
Beginner’s guide on how to stake ICP tokens to start earning voting rewards. Video tutorial included.
ICP Neuron Calculator
The Internet Computer is the world’s first blockchain that runs at web speed with unlimited capacity. Neurons are utilized to participate in network governance in exchange for ICP rewards.

What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?

NFTs are the rage!!! NFTs are a way of turning art, photos, video, music, and entire static websites into unique digital collectibles that can't be duplicated. That gives them value to be bought and sold. If you don't own an NFT you must go get one (or many). You'll find some links below to help you along the way. You'll even find a tutorial on how to create your very own NFT.

How to mint an NFT in 5 minutes on the Internet Computer
This tutorial from the Internet Computer Community media hub will quickly teach you how to mint an NFT in no more than 5 minutes on ICP.
Entrepot - Marketplace for NFTs on the Internet Computer
NFT Marketplace for the Internet Computer, developed by ToniqLabs
Cronic Fun
The official hub of Cronic NFTs from Toniq Labs. Some are behaved, others are trouble, all are precious. The ultimate internet computer collectors item.
The official group of ICmojis! Fun and playful NFT collection on the internet computer blockchain. Collect them all!
Join the ICPunks Discord Server!
Check out the ICPunks community on Discord - hang out with 4,047 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

How can I check on the status of the Internet Computer?

The Internet Computer Association is an independent members based association that advocates for the Internet Computer network while supporting and coordinating ecosystem participants. Below you will find a couple of sources for monitoring the status of the IC.


INTERNET COMPUTER ASSOCIATION | Status of the Internet Computer

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