This is the second in a long series of articles that aims to highlight prominent people in the Dfinity ecosystem. It gives the readers an opportunity to make a deep dive into their universe in a fun and engaging way. I send them a lot of different questions (I mean A TON!) and they choose to answer what resonates with them the most. Dfinity team members, builders, devs, investors, influencers, playing a big role in the Internet Computer will be featured. There are so many extraordinary people contributing to the Internet Computer paradigm shift and turning it into reality, getting to know them better is extremely inspiring!

When the first article Meet Barry, founder of Canistore was published many of you asked about Hazel. This came as no surprise, if you pay attention to the Dfinity ecosystem, it is impossible to not notice her. She seems to be everywhere and to never stop, maybe she has a twin or found a way to duplicate herself, who knows. She is always active, always sharing ideas, always working on something, always building. Hazel has already made an important contribution to the Internet Computer ecosystem with her work, and the best is yet to come with Bunchd. Her unique way of doing things has generated interest and aroused curiosity of many of us in Dfinity community. Hazel kindly took the time to answer the following 82 questions, let’s meet her!


• What is Bunchd?

Bunchd is a Creator owned Membership Platform built on the Internet Computer

• What problem does it solve?

Bunchd gives creators a means to get paid and scale one another.

• Where did the idea come from?

Lots of thinking lmao! At first I was planning on building something in the B2B since that is where all my experience is. However, I realized Dfinity makes it possible to build these sort of, collaboratively owned platforms — or put another way; Platforms where the people who have a stake in the game are also the owners. I always found it hypocritical that something like Uber, who relies 100% on drivers, was owned by Wall Street instead of the people who make the entire platform possible.

I have a number of friends who either are, or are trying to, break into the content creation space so building for them seemed like a natural fit. Moreover, I realized all of the content I consume these days is from independent Creators. I honestly believe this is the future of Media. Creators dump their soul into creating content, it’s hard work, but platforms today treat creators as expendable. Look at the debocial with YouTube and Late Night TV shows and with The Slingshot Channel. Look at Twitch with pretty much any moderation issue. OnlyFans, a platform built on the back of SWers, is supposedly even looking to pivot to celebrities. This is a huge issue. So, instead, I want to give creators a platform: they own, control, and can scale one another with — enough nonsense.

• Are you working full-time on Bunchd?

Not yet, but soon!

• Are you working on your own or did you build a team?

We have a small two person team — we’re looking for a designer who is passionate about this space! Reach out if you’re interested.

• What is the current progress in development?

Very early. We recently finished our creator content feed — things are moving along.

• When can we expect to learn more about Bunchd?


• How would you highlight Bunchd competitive advantages? What makes it stand out of the crowd?

First, we have huge plans around this idea of “Content Bundling” which I believe will give creators a massive competitive advantage by using Bunchd. Next, we’re working on how we can better put shape to the creator-subscriber relationship — think badge rewards, creator tokens, etc. I’m hesitant to push platform ownership as an advantage because it feels like an advantage of Bunchd as a platform, instead of an advantage for creators using Bunchd.

However, I do believe in the long run platform ownership will be a huge advantage to creators; it will just take some time to manifest.

• What kind of culture exists/will exist in Bunchd, and how did/will you establish it?

So the way I like to think about this is that Bunchd itself is really a creator owned dao who just happens to be giving our team the privilege to build it.

However, for our organization I draw a lot of inspiration from the HubSpot Culture Code. The core of which is HEART: Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, Transparent.

We’re a creator first organization, and it is not an exaggeration to say this is enforced at the platform level.

• How would you like people to remember you and Bunchd?

I’d like people to remember Bunchd as a landmark in the Creator Economy.

• Can you tell us something exciting about Bunchd that you’ve never shared before?

Creators will actually have the means of extending Bunchd itself — more details on that soon.

• What can Dfinity community do to support Bunchd?

Talk to your friends about Bunchd!


• Why did you want to become a software developer?

I’ve been obsessed with tinkering, building things, and figuring out how things work since I was small.Development immediately appealed to me because I could build out ideas quickly.

• What kind of dev are you?

Most of my professional work is on the Backend.

• When did you start coding?

I was hacking some stuff together in Delphi 7 when I was 13, but I had no idea what I was doing lol. So a more accurate answer, when I actually had a clue what I was doing, would be around 17–18.

• What programming languages can you work with? What is your experience with them?

Python & C++ — Optical Simulations / Numerical Computing (Long Story…).

Java — Backend Land -> APIs, Kafka, SQS, other distributed systems playbook things.

Javascript — VueJS.

• What general advice would you give to someone who is just starting to code?

Take your time, learn what the errors mean — they are there to help you, and experiment!

• What resources or methods would you recommend to beginners?

Honestly, YouTube. I’m blown away by the amount of valuable free content.

• What excites you the most about the Internet Computer?

All the new unique properties of the system!

• Can you summarize for us what you have built so far on the Internet Computer?

I’ve kinda built a bunch of stuff, the best place to see what I’ve been up to here my git —

But, one cool project I recently launched is an Image Host —

• What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on?

Wearing the founder hat! It’s tough work, but it is very rewarding.

• What was your first job?

I was a summer camp counselor.

• What’s a mistake you made early on in your career, and what did you learn from it?

Not speaking up when I had ideas! Don’t let imposter syndrome beat you, make your voice heard.

• What led you to this career?

I’m most happy when I’m solving problems and building things.


• Tell us more about yourself : what kind of person are you?

I guess you could call me an ambivert!

• What would you do to pass time if you were shut inside a small cabin, alone for 3 months, high up in the mountains?

I’d most likely pick up reading again, or try to emulate those videos where they build the mansions out of mud lol.

• If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

• Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I am very much a night owl.

• What’s your favorite genre of book or movie?

I love all things science fiction.

• What mystery do you wish you knew the answer to?

What happened 1 second, or even just one Plank before the big bang. Was there something, nothing, everything?


• What songs have you completely memorized?

Nothing at the moment. However, there was a point in time where I had “Smells Like Teen Spirit, by Nirvana” memorized.

• What is your favorite music genre?

I’m pretty into LoFi and Indie Rock lately.


• Do you play any sports?

I played lots when I was younger, but not anymore!

• What is your drink of choice?


• What’s your favorite time of day?

Sunset, and Sunrise.

• Are you into collecting?

No, but somehow I keep collecting tools… You should see our basement..

• What’s your favorite ice cream topping?

Reese’s Pieces

• Where’s the next place on your travel bucket list and why?

I’d like to visit a Nordic country, the fjords are stunning.

• At a party, where can someone find you?

Most likely the corner, I like small groups!

• What is one or two of your favorite smells?

I really like floral scents.


• If you could talk to one species of animal, which would you choose?

Dogs, erm Canines?

• What would be your spirit animal?

Maybe a Fox or an Owl?


• What was your favorite subject in school?

History Class!

• If you could magically learn one language, which one would you pick?



• What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

My Partner and I have a husky dog named Stella.

• Are there any people you’d give up your kidney for?

Absolutely — my Friends and Family.

• Among your friends or family, what are you famous for?

Always working something 😅

• What’s your definition of love?

Patience, Compassion, Understanding, and Affection.

• Do you think that judging people based on their looks makes sense?

Absolutely not.

Stella is so cute! 😍


• Do you believe in a bright future for humanity?

I do, we’ll get there.

• What gives your life meaning?

My Family.

• What’s the title of the current chapter of your life?

Chapter 27 Transitions.

• What book impacted you the most?

Ender’s Game

• What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

Getting Bunchd built and launched.

• If you could make a 20-second phone call to yourself at any point in your life, present or future, when would you call and what would you say?

Sometime in 2012 — “Backup your dang wallet! These things are going to be worth something.”

• What were some of the turning points in your life?

The biggest occurred 2/12/2021


• If you could only eat one item for every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ghost Pepper Chicken Curry and Rice.

• If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick?

Camera, Telegram, Twitter.

• What’s one hobby you’d love to get into?

I’d love to be able to get into Machining.

• What’s one totally irrational fear that you have?

Spiders — I cannot handle Spiders.

• What’s your most hated household chore?


• What’s your most used emoji?


• Which season is your favorite?

Autumn 🍁🍂🍃


• Dog or Cat?


• Netflix or YouTube?


• Phone Call or Text?

Zoom Call 😅.

• Cardio or Weights?

Cardio, but ask me about old PRs.

• While walking: Music or Podcasts?


• Big Party or Small Gathering?

Small Gathering.

• What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes?


• Hamburger or Pizza?


• Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store?

Depends — Online Shopping for things, In Store for clothing.

• Blue or Red?


• Pancake or Waffle?


• Meat or Vegetables?


• Ocean or Mountains?

😅 Both!

• Horror Movie or Comedy Movie?

Comedy Movie

• Winter or Summer?


• Beer or Wine?

Beer — ask me about craft.

• Coffee Or Tea?

Coffee, Tea if my partner made it!

• Cups In The Cupboard: Right Side Up Or Upside Down?

Upside Down — the dust!!!

• Dancing Or Singing?

Dancing, but it won’t be pretty..

Thank you so much Hazel!

It was a great pleasure to meet you Hazel and to know more about you. You really deserve to be known and we are really grateful that you accepted to tell us more about yourself. We will closely follow your progress and can’t wait to see your future amazing accomplishments in Dfinity ecosystem. We will definitely support you in your journey!

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