We receive more and more requests from members of the Internet Computer Community to connect with projects, investors, devs, influencers, potential co-founders, experts in different areas, and much more.

This page aims to help ICC members connect to each other. We will promote it and spread the words about you and your request. This is just a first step, we already have some exciting plans in the near future to help you find the best partners in the IC ecosystem.

If you want to be listed on this page, it's very easy, just contact us and let us know who you would like to connect with.

The ICP maximalist

Looking for IC devs to launch projects, early stage IC projects to help and partner with in various areas, awesome designers and contributors for ICC media hub. Connect on Twitter, Telegram, Distrikt, or via ICC contact form.


R&D foundation working on the bleeding-edge of AI and Blockchain technologies on the Internet Computer. We are currently seeking like minded developers and funds in order to achieve our long-term goals.
Read more here and visit CipherProxy. You can connect with James Feura CEO of CipherProxy on Twitter or Telegram.


DEX is like Uber, but owned by the users: a user-owned automated market maker for mobility tasks. We are looking for Motoko/Rust devs. Reach out to Bram on Twitter to chat.


Online education platform running 100% on the Internet Computer. Looking for devs and content creators. Read more here and connect with Learnd team on Twitter or Discord.


Distrikt is looking for a marketing superstar that knows what this industry is all about. 😎 We’ve got a great vision for the future of social media and we’re looking for the right person to tell our story. 💛
You can contact Andra Georgescu, on Distrikt or Twitter (better choose Distrikt!).