What is PORTAL?

PORTAL is the first application for streaming media that lives 100% on the blockchain.

You can watch live videos of people sharing any number of things such as gaming, cooking, just talking, working out, analyzing stocks and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

If you like what you’re watching you can donate directly from your crypto wallet, sending the host of the stream some ICP, BTC, ETH, or even NFT’s.

You can also log in and share your own video stream (webcam) directly from the app. If others like what they’re seeing they can send donations directly to you, too!

What is “streaming media” and why would I want to do that?

Streaming is simply moving media (video or music) from one place to another place. You are probably most familiar with this because of sites like YouTube, Netflix, or Zoom.

When you go to Zoom for instance and join a call you begin receiving a video stream that comes from Zoom’s servers to your personal computer. You are also sending a media stream from your own computer (your webcam) to Zoom’s servers.

You will want to use PORTAL if you enjoy gaming, cooking, health and fitness, stock analysis, live music, etc. The list of categories goes on and on, but basically anything you find interesting will mostly likely be represented.

What’s wrong with Centralized platforms like Twitch and YouTube?

Centralized applications like Twitch and YouTube are platforms that are focused on generating as much money as possible for the very few people at the top.

Twitch is the most popular live-streaming app currently, and is owned by Amazon. YouTube is the largest streamer of video content, and is owned by Google. Zoom is the largest live streaming video conferencing app but has a bad rap for privacy violations (selling your information without you knowing).

On centralized servers your data is saved, analyzed and classified with Machine Learning algorithms, passed along to other companies and made available to different government agencies upon request.

All of this is to derive as much profit as possible from you and your data.

This system of centralized ownership encourages decisions that benefit the people at the top instead of decisions that will benefit the people who are actually using the app and creating or consuming content.

How is PORTAL different?

PORTAL is different because it’s private, transparent, and completely decentralized (governed by the community instead of a CEO).

Private you say?

Yes! PORTAL will never save your streams or analyze them to gather data that can be used to generate profit.

With PORTAL your videos never even touch a server so it’s impossible for PORTAL to save, mine, or distribute your stream to anyone else.

But what does decentralized mean?

Decentralized means that instead of the CEO of Amazon or Google owning PORTAL, the community members own and govern it.

This was only recently made possible by the creation of the Internet Computer which offers a decentralized and community owned version of centralized Amazon or Google servers.

This means the frontend (user interface that you interact with) is hosted on chain and NOT hosted on Amazon or Google’s servers. Because of this your account is safe from CEO’s deciding your content ‘does not align’ with their terms of service and shutting you down (looking at you Amazon!).

It also means the code that manages the stream, controls who can see the stream, etc., are also on chain. This means that nobody can shut off your stream because they’re suddenly feeling pressure from share holders or banks (and then change their mind and let you back on, looking at you OnlyFans!).

Since PORTAL is on chain there are no banks to pressure CEO’s to enact policies that are in their best interests. Instead you donate crypto and receive crypto natively in the application without a middle man. When you want to cash out you simply go to Coinbase and sell your ICP (or BTC and ETH).

When can I use PORTAL?

PORTAL is currently in early stages of development but we’re moving fast. The first beta version is scheduled for Q4 2021, and we’re running group tests weekly on the new updates as they’re released.

PORTAL sounds awesome! How can I get involved?

We have several ways to get involved at the moment depending on your level of excitement.

If you think PORTAL sounds interesting or you have ideas that would make it awesome we would love to have you in our Discord channel.

If you think PORTAL sounds awesome and you want to try it out then drop in and we will get you setup to join the next round of testing.

If you think PORTAL sounds really awesome and want to work on it then definitely drop in and let us know.

If you feel very strongly that PORTAL is something you’re passionate about we’re currently building out our advisory board.

We’re looking for individuals with experience in related fields:

  • Tokenomics
  • Esports
  • Livestreaming
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • NFT’s

Drop into our Discord and lets chat! https://discord.gg/FSSauMNrbS

Jesse Neumann
Jesse Neumann

Internet Computer enthusiast and builder. Founder of Portal, a live streaming app on the IC. Co-founder of Learnd, an educational platform also on the IC.

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