Puzzle is aimed to be a NFT creation platform running on the Internet Computer that allows users to mint NFTs created on a web-based canvas using only NFTs from the ICPuzzle NFT Line.

ICPuzzle NFT Line: The ICPuzzle NFT is an artistic NFT that is meant to invoke thought around individuality, community, and the beauty of the human condition. Each puzzle piece represents human individuality within humanity, a self-contained piece of a larger cohesive whole.

The purpose of Puzzle is to create 1-of-1 individual pieces of art in the form of NFTs, minted from a collection of other puzzle NFTs that are burned in the minting process, to create a new, combined piece of art.

Each ICPuzzle NFT owned may be used in the platform one time before it is burned. Users will be able to use drag and drop to align and then rotate the pieces where they would like on a canvas.

All currently released ICPuzzle NFTs are limited and provide holders, as well as artists, with benefits. ICPuzzle holders will receive periodic random airdrops, some being from collaborating artists.

Random Airdrops

Original works from collaborating artists will be made into ICPuzzle pieces, and airdropped to random ICPuzzle holders. Collectors would need to collect all pieces to complete the collection. Completing a collection may offer additional perks to the holder (i.e. the original physical piece of art if it's on physical medium). However, these pieces may be kept separated and used individually.

Wearable Airdrops

Users will be able to buy clothes, accessories, toys, backgrounds, and more to customize their ICPuzzle piece if it's a previously unused, or "first generation," ICPuzzle piece.

Puzzle is about individuality. You can customize your ICPuzzle pieces infinitely! Additionally, you may use ICPuzzle pieces as part of a larger NFT. Similar to a paintbrush, or shape tool. ICPuzzle pieces may be combined to make larger characters and so much more!

We will be partnering with many artists to create ICPuzzle pieces of their art, so they may offer their art up as collectible tokens of the Puzzle ecosystem!

This will be the platform. The Puzzle is the PUZZLE.

We are looking for collaborative developers to help us solve this Puzzle
Puzzle is not just a NFT line, or a game it can be a ecosystem with mini games and a whole new NFT marketplace. A NFT that is A Marketplace.

Need One JavaScript developer with game developer experience.

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We are also live on Entrepot Marketplace under the name ICPUZZLE


I’m creating Puzzle the Puzzle and looking forward for you guys to be a part of it. Founder of Puzzle NFT Line. NFTs that are used to mint new NFTs while burning old NFTs. I like to hide messages in my artwork.

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