The purpose of this roadmap is to lay out an exciting path forward for the massive metaverse we are building and share it with the Moonwalker community. We want to remind you that in any roadmap, no matter how thrilling the items and milestones are, they don’t mean much if you don’t take into account the execution and the value they bring to the market. We build with extreme focus, never wasting time and resources building things (regardless of how exciting they sound) if they’re not going to be massively used.

Our main focus currently is to build a killer use case in the metaverse to address a market that desperately wants or needs it. In other words our top priority right now is to reach product-market fit. To better understand why product-market fit is the only thing that matters in the current lifecycle of the IC Gallery metaverse and Moonwalkers, we recommend reading this famous blog post written by Marc Andreessen, huge investor in Dfinity and its ecosystem via his venture capital firm a16z.

Another very important aspect of our roadmap is also that we’ve always wanted it to be community-owned and activated by Moonwalkers owners as much as possible. As we progress and collect feedback, we plan to include our extraordinary community more and more in its future versions. The following evolving roadmap outlines our upcoming milestones for the next year as we work through our agile development plans to bring incredible utility to the IC Gallery metaverse and the Moonwalkers.


• Q4 2021

Wallet Integration
First iteration will check if the visitors of the metaverse are Moonwalker owners. If they are, exclusive access to galleries and metaverse experiences will be allowed. This will also make it possible to identify 3D Moonwalker owners and reward them.

Exclusive Galleries
Providing exclusivity for 3D Moonwalker owners is a core component of the metaverse we are building. Exclusive galleries only accessible by the Moonwalker gang will be released.  

Exclusive Airdrop
The 3D model asset will be airdropped and integrated directly into each Moonwalker NFT as a third file. Such an exclusive and innovative airdrop has never been seen before in crypto and will open the doors to incredible immersive gaming and interactive metaverse experiences.

Governance Research
Research the best governance system to enable the Moonwalker community to govern the IC Gallery metaverse.

Rebranding & Site Revamp
The IC Gallery and 3D Moonwalkers brand and website will be revamped to match the high quality of our work and incredible community.

Partnerships with various projects, communities, NFT influencers, brands, in both the IC and the ETH ecosystem, are currently being explored and will be announced in due time. Partnerships with Psychedelic and Poked Studio are under progress.

First Auction Event
The first iteration of an NFT auction event. Due to current technical limitations it won’t be possible to make it exist 100% in the IC Gallery. A bidding feature can’t be developed yet (canisters won’t hold ICP until Q1 2022). This first auction event is mainly focused on experimenting and collecting feedback.

Metaverse Grant Application to Dfinity foundation
As strong believers in the Internet Computer, catalyzing the growth of the IC ecosystem is of utmost importance to us and guides us in everything we do. This is in our DNA and the reason why we will submit a grant application to Dfinity foundation. It will be focused on bringing the masses to the Internet Computer by building the metaverse.

Killer use case for the metaverse - Research and Execution
The top priority item of the roadmap. Main focus is on finding the killer use case for the metaverse and executing on it to reach product-market fit. This process will happen through quick iteration based on feedback loops. Progress made will be regularly shared with the community.

• Q1 2022

Ethereum Integration
We want to become the Hub for all NFT collections, including collections on Ethereum. We plan to build support for as many NFT collections as we can. We believe the future of blockchain relies on interoperability. Current games such as Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Illuvium, and Star Atlas are all closed ecosystems. You can’t utilize your NFTs outside of their games. We believe this goes against the philosophy of decentralization and Web3. All our games and NFTs will be fully interoperable with other open and decentralized games and NFTs. Only then can a free open decentralized market exist for all NFT collectibles and enthusiasts!

Exclusive Experiences
Holders of our 3D Moonwalker NFT series will be able to access premium galleries and limited-time experiences. Imagine virtual concerts, conversations with influencers, and parties where you earn NFTs. These experiences will be hiding behind doors throughout our 3D metaverse. But only Moonwalker holders can enter. We have huge plans for these upscale experiences, but we are staying secretive about them for now.

First 3D Game
Release of our first full 3D game fully built on the Internet Computer. This game will connect different aspects of our metaverse. We will be pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with in-game and meta-game NFTs. It will be open to everyone but only Moonwalkers will be able to unlock its full potential. We’ll keep it short and won’t tell you more for the moment, we prefer to surprise you.

Ephemeral Games
The potential of multiverse games will be explored from an entirely new perspective. Imagine experimental games that play with the concepts of limited-time and exclusivity. Tools in the future will enable the community to build games as well. Bridging the blockchain gaming universe is crucial, so we are building partnerships with projects across IC and Ethereum. Don’t miss out on being one of the first players!

Series of Auction Events
If building a bidding feature is technically possible on the IC, we will use it to conduct our first series of auction events 100% hosted in the IC Gallery. If a bidding feature hasn’t already been built or can’t be integrated yet, we might be building it if it is considered a high priority based on feedback for our killer use case for the metaverse.

Killer Use Case for the Metaverse - Official announcement and community updates
After our research and first experiments we will announce publicly the killer use case for the metaverse that we’re going after and actively building. This will be our primary focus in our execution to reach product-market fit and achieve our big vision of becoming the glue that connects all the best metaverse experiences and all the best NFTs.

• Q2 2022

The Auction House
We plan to become a renowned hub for curated and high-grade NFT projects. Analyzing projects for talent, team, and creativity will be the main focus of our auction house. If a project meets our expectations, we will allow them to host an internal auction within our gallery. Users will be able to see, chat, and play with each other while they bid on these private auctions. These exclusive auctions and whitelisting experiences will give holders of 3D Moonwalkers early access to rare NFTs. We also believe this will result in the IC Gallery becoming an exclusive club for top NFT collectors around the world. Unlike the bot infested metaverses that exist today, only holders of Moonwalkers will be able to enter our auction house.

The Vault
We want to enable users to generate value from their Moonwalkers and other NFTs. By building a staking system into the IC Gallery, we can enable storage and staking of NFTs in vaults. Users will be able to authenticate the NFTs displayed in their vault as well as sell them directly to visitors. And we will provide an intuitive way for vault owners to earn income from their staked NFTs.

Individual Galleries in Games
We will enable Moonwalkers to build their own galleries. Many people have asked for this and we want to take this to the next level. Current individual galleries are closed worlds where people can just display their own NFTs or sell them to others. However, we believe that more customizability of galleries will allow for more possibilities. One amazing use case of the Internet Computer is that a personal gallery can be an NFT! We may be able to allow our users to trade their entire gallery (which contains many NFTs) as a single NFT on the Internet Computer.

Launch of the IC Metaverse Playground
We will launch our IC Metaverse Playground initiative. We want the IC Gallery metaverse and Moonwalkers to be used as a playground in the IC ecosystem to make all kinds of experiments with as many projects, teams, and devs as possible. The main goal of the IC Metaverse Playground is to catalyze the growth of the Internet Computer by constantly creating network effects. We will push the boundaries of the metaverse, gaming, NFTs, DEFI, and the Internet Computer.

• Q3 2022

Unity SDK for Moonwalkers
We want the community to be able to rally behind the Moonwalkers and start creating their own projects with them. This could be games, experiences, and events that connect to the central hub. In order to make this process faster for developers, we want to create a Unity SDK that developers can plug-and-play with the Moonwalker NFTs.

Developer Grants for Game Devs
If we see growing interest from the community to build on top of our metaverse, we will provide grants to fund the community-built projects. Everyone benefits when projects are open source and enable easy access. We want to empower people to build their dream worlds on our platform.

Community-Built Games
Our end goal is for our metaverse world to become community-built. We want to eventually be hands-off and let the community decide the direction of their meta worlds. And we believe games will be the main focus of this effort. We want to empower our community developers to build games and get rewarded for their work. We will be exploring different possibilities for incentives and economics that reward our builders.

• Q4 2022

The Moonwalkers Summit
We will organize online and offline events to gather the Moonwalker gang and celebrate the excitement of what has been accomplished and the vision of where we’re heading together. We will make sure that the Moonwalkers Summit is memorable and special for everyone. Expect lots of insights, big announcements, and a lot of fun surprises!

Formation of a DAO
Our end goal for the metaverse is that it will be owned and directed by the community. This is in stark contrast to the centralized metaverse projects that exist today (Decentraland, The Sandbox). A crucial piece to achieve this decentralization is the formation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). We will have to explore the technical complexity of having a DAO direct an entire ecosystem of games. But we strongly believe the Internet Computer is positioned perfectly due to its Service Nervous System (SNS)  integration.

Anniversary Airdrops & Metaverse Party
It will be the first anniversary of the IC Gallery metaverse and Moonwalkers. We will organize a private party inside our metaverse. The perfect time to reward all our extraordinary community with a tailor made innovative and exclusive airdrop

Release of our Yearly Report and our 10 year roadmap
The Moonwalker community will be thoroughly updated for the year 2022, we will share all details of what has been happening by publishing a yearly report. We will also reveal a 10 year roadmap where we will share how we plan to execute in the next 10 years to achieve our big metaverse vision.

The Arcade
Over time, our metaverse will grow to include every possible game genre and art style. We will emerge as a powerful NFT game platform. Unlike other metaverse creations such as The Sandbox or Decentraland, we do not intend to limit people to one art style or game genre. What this means is that you could enter a room and play a first-person shooter, then leave that room for another room to play an RPG. Some rooms could contain 2D games, while others are filled with beautiful 3D graphics. Some art styles could be hyper-realistic, while others could be cartoon-graphics. We will be partnering with game studios to make their creations come to life. As well as building our own imaginative worlds. Our main focus is to allow anyone to create their own world using the Unity game engine. And we can easily integrate that into the metaverse. Our product will no longer be a gallery, but a universe. We will become the metaverse arcade for every game, genre, and art imaginable!

Closing Thoughts

If you can understand even a small slice of our massive vision for this project, then you know that this may become one of the largest projects of any blockchain. Our ambitious roadmap includes incredible developments over the next year that will shock and amaze developers across every ecosystem. We hope that our community now understands the potential of our metaverse. As mentioned in the introduction, we don’t want to go after too many low value use cases and master none of them. Our main goal for the upcoming year is to find a massive opportunity and execute on it perfectly. While we are very serious about building everything stated in the roadmap, please be aware that we are on a quest for product-market fit. Once we find it, some items in the roadmap might become irrelevant as they don’t represent a high priority anymore. We plan to involve more and more of the community in the roadmap over the coming year. Together we will review the progress we’ve made, its impact, and refine the roadmap towards our goals.

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