The Cronic Chronicles could be called a saga, an epic or even an English classic…but it shouldn’t…and I won’t.

The good thing is that if you’re reading this it means you’ve got some brains in your head. If you keep reading this rest assured I’ll smooth that brain right out into a slippery slimy bowling ball type shape. So buckle up king we’re about to steal grandmas car and drive it 90 in a 65 blasting the Ramones and texting our exes.

What is this?

I’m going to tell you about each of my Cronic Critters and the lives they live (if you don’t know what those are you can learn more here and here…or don’t… I can’t make you). They’re a wild bunch and their stories are next level nonsense.

What to expect?

Don’t expect perfect or even good grammar and don’t expect to learn a whole lot about anything useful. Basically drop your expectations to something along the lines of a Nicholas Cage movie that came out years ago but you’ve never heard of until now.

Get it? Got it? Good. My name is EasySteve and these are the lives of my Cronics.

Easy Steve
Easy Steve

ICPMN Ambassador, Co-Founder of Motoko School and part of the Cronics Team. Documenting the Cronic Chronicles, 100% true stories about the antics of my Cronic Critters!

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