The Internet Computer (IC) is fast approaching its first anniversary since genesis and we here at ICP Maximalist Network (ICPMN) want to gather feedback from people who play a major role in shaping the mainstream success of the IC. We’re looking to gather the experiences, opinions and suggestions from the founders and developers in our ecosystem . And that’s why you’re a perfect fit! A common ask we've had within our community, is if there has ever been a survey conducted to gather this type of feedback? We wanted to take this opportunity to address this need and in turn share this valuable data back with the community and specifically to those that are tirelessly creating and building.

Today we are excited to be launching the IC Pulse Survey.
This ICPMN initiative consists of an IC ecosystem wide needs assessment survey and market analysis to capture the needs of the projects building on Dfinity's Internet Computer.

We realize how precious your time is. That’s why we made sure this survey is limited and targeted to gather the data that we can utilize to aggregate meaningful reports and analysis. Your responses will not be shared with anyone at an individual level and your answers will remain confidential. We will use this data to develop services to help address your pain points and help you recognize and capitalize on opportunities within the IC.

Additionally, ICPMN intends on publishing a report and hosting a summit in April where this data will help us with providing high value content to collectively make informed decisions to take the IC ecosystem to the next level. Projects participating in this survey will also have a unique opportunity if they so choose to be a part of the official ICPMN Partners list, which will create enhancing links between projects, contributors and the IC community.

ICPMN wants to personally thank you for every second you are investing in our research! We look forward to using this valuable input to contribute to the growth & success of the Internet Computer and its wonderful community.

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Adnan - MonkeyCruise

My name is Adnan aka MonkeyCruise I am an ICPMN Ambassador and I currently help support the IC community. It’s my belief that the Internet Computer and its communities are going to be a benchmark and envy of true Web3 Communities of the future. I have been a part of the various IC communities and projects since Genesis. I’ve been supporting with consultation, delivery execution, and community support for numerous projects.

I have a passion for technology and innovation. I have many years of experience in project delivery and product ownership for many fortune 500 companies. I have built a reputation for simplifying the complex and being a creative problem solver who has consistently delivered projects with a customer focused approach to drive sales growth and deep value . I am proficient at building and maintaining professional relationships with a proven ability to bridge gaps and build consensus.

You can always get in touch with me on various platforms.

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