We are very excited to announce that the ICP maximalist network (ICPMN) is going to fully support the DSCVR Gaming Hackathon Season 2. The goal of the hackathon is really big and very ambitious. It aims to catalyze growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem by crowdsourcing participation of developers, gamers, volunteers, and all IC enthusiasts. An important aspect is to not only get everyone involved in the IC community but also reach out to the general public beyond the existing IC community in order to attract new people. To achieve this and make the IC ecosystem stronger than ever, we will lead many community driven initiatives over the coming weeks.

The DSCVR hackathon has just been officially announced with a big prize pool of over $45,000 USD, you can find more details about the hackathon here:

The official hub for DSCVR Hackathon 2.0

The ICPMN will become the official avenue for DSCVR Hackathon 2.0 where all participants can come to have live interactions. Whether they are building games, players of the games, volunteers, IC enthusiasts or newcomers, we will be the place to discuss anything related to the DSCVR hackathon. The idea is really to gather every participant and engage in valuable discussions on a daily basis to make the DSCVR hackathon a big success and help the IC ecosystem move forward. Instead of having the builders building on their side for weeks and the other participants waiting for weeks to get involved by testing games and voting, we will build momentum everyday to turn the hackathon into a big event that culminates in a lot of fun and voting (by participants) for the best games in each category.

We will also announce all DSCVR hackathon news and updates via our announcement channel. Many amazing things are going to happen, there will be much more announced than the official DSCVR news. If you want to follow closely everything that is going on then you should join our announcement channel. We will share major hackathon news and updates but also progress for each game, events, articles, testing, and more.

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Range of services provided by ICPMN members

The ICP maximalist network will provide different services in order to achieve the hackathon ambitious goal and grow the IC ecosystem. The following list is subject to change, we won’t remove any service listed below but might add some more in the coming weeks.

ICMPN services for DSCVR hackathon season 2:

• ICPMN telegram channel available for live interactions to engage with all participants.

• Live events to promote the games being built (AMA sessions, gaming events, and other initiatives that will be announced soon).

• Publishing a series of various articles on our ICC media hub to promote DSCVR hackathon.

• Publishing different videos on our ICC media hub to promote DSCVR hackathon.

• Creating visual materials to be shared on social media to spread the word.

• Testing games and providing feedback

• Coordination between all interested parties and different services provided

How to get involved with the ICPMN hackathon team?

ICPMN members have already started building a task force to coordinate our efforts and turn the DSCVR hackathon season 2 into the best success possible. We have very talented people to help providing all services listed above in the most amazing way. That being said we really want to give our best to help create a catalyst that will bring unprecedented growth to the IC ecosystem. This is why we are welcoming all volunteers that would be interested to join us and participate to our community driven initiative.

We would love this hackathon to be as much inclusive as possible, meaning everyone feels welcome and part of the IC community. If there is an IC newcomer or a beginner dev starting somewhere in the world and being the most shy person on earth, we want him/her to feel welcome and encourage the participation. We really want to make everyone feel welcome no matter their background, level, skills, etc. We are looking for volunteers for the specific roles listed below.

Volunteers are welcome for the following roles:

ICPMN Telegram Group Moderator
Multiple ICPMN members who will interact and discuss all things related to the DSCVR hackathon on ICPMN channel.  The channel membership will likely grow throughout this hackathon and we need people to be available to welcome new members and answer questions.  Since the channel is live 24/7, it means we need a relatively large number of people who are willing to stay active.  This is no different than normal participation on the ICPMN Telegram channel other than being intentional about providing support to new people who show up with interest in the hackathon

Live Event Moderator
Host small live events to promote the hackathon and create positive vibes around it, fun and inclusive (AMA sessions, gaming events, and other initiatives that will be announced soon).

Article Writer
This would consist of writing engaging and educational articles about the DSCVR Gaming Hackathon Season 2 and publishing them on the ICC media hub (ic.community). All your articles ideas are welcome, we will also let you know the list of articles we intend to publish in case you’re interested to write one of them.

Video Blog Creator
Youtubers who can create and publish a video about the hackathon, and cross publish it on the ICC media hub.

Announcement Creator
People who can create logos, announcements, and visuals in general. These would be announcements for the hackathon and the events we hold to promote the hackathon.  These would be images that can be easily sent out on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, DSCVR, Telegram, and other social media outlets by anyone. This could also include folks who create funny memes.

Game Testers
A dedicated and organized group of people that builders can have access to either publicly or privately (if they don't want to disclose their games early or even not at all).  Goal is to test the products and give valuable constructive feedback.  Testers would need to be willing to commit to whatever level of confidentiality the game developer prefers until they release the game for play during the hackathon.

People who make sure that we stay organized and that everything is planned accordingly. Simply put this role would be about planning events, publications, testing, contacting participants, scheduling things , etc.

Stay tuned!

A lot of amazing things are going to happen in the coming weeks in the IC ecosystem and we strongly believe the DSCVR hackathon season 2 will be an unprecedented catalyst for the Internet Computer mainstream success.

Join us in this amazing journey!

The ICP Maximalist
The ICP Maximalist

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