As you all probably know, the DSCVR hackathon season 2 is going on and projects will start to show up on September  22nd and until September 25 at 11:59 PM PT.

Season 2 is coming 🥳

The mission of this new season is to focus on integration and interoperability between different games and applications, the project that I present targets a core aspect of many games: scores!

The prize pool for developers is huge: approximately more than 50 000 $. 🔥

What about the players? Will they get anything from that hackathon?

As a participant as a developer in the previous DSCVR hackathon, I can tell you that players provide a lot of value by playing and testing your game and giving some feedback, after all, a game is made to be played...we would be nothing without the players.

Here comes the mission of Metascore: reward the players.

The project is to create a mega-leaderboard that aggregates scores of as many games of the hackathon as possible.

A first glimpse at the leaderboard.

Depending on the number of games you’ve played and the performance in each of those games, players will get rewarded with specials ranks and NFTs badges.

A tournament will start when all the games have shown up and will last a week.

This will be the time to show the world your player's skills.

Will all games be integrated to the leaderboard? 🔌

It is not a requirement for games to be integrated with the Metascore board, so be aware that not all games will improve your score: we will keep a list of all the integrated games and let the community knows in right time!

If you are a game developer looking to integrate your game, I have done a video for you explaining the process:

You should also check those two repositories :



How do we calculate scores? 🤔

Scores are normalized among games; it means that each game will have as much impact on your leaderboard score as the others.

This question is extremely important: we need to target the right metrics for the system.

The player should be incentivized to discover enough games but also to spend a considerable among of time playing his favorite games and ranking among the top players for this game!

We are also currently running simulations to find the perfect system for the tournament to be fair, pleasant, and competitive.

How can I play and be part of the leaderboard? 🎮

It will be very simple: connect your wallet (Plug or Stoic will be compatible) and start playing games.

What are the rewards? 🥳

The most exciting part is that the leaderboard will come with a lot of rewards.

We have two types of rewards:

1) Transferable rewards 🎁

Big names in the IC ecosystem have accepted to sponsor us: we currently have a prize pool estimated at more than 100 ICP!

Earn Cronics, Starverse, ICmojis, IC-Puppies: all of them will be there.

We will release a detailed list of all the rewards soon before launch.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture to let you dream…

Big names of the IC ecosystem have accepted to be our sponsors. 🤯

If you want to join our list of sponsors, you can contact me here.

2) Non-Transferable rewards 🏆

Based on your performance you will earn a “Rank badge” that will be yours forever, you will not be able to sell it or trade it, but it will grant you amazing credit in the community.

There will be special badges for the podium, especially the badge for the best gamer of the DSCVR hackathon Season 2 will be unique and only given once in the history of the IC.

Design of the leaderboard badges. 

Those non-transferable badges will also grant access to multiples privileges:

• Vote for the future of the Metascore and decide on the rules for the next season. 👑

• Get access to special communications channels and open locked doors on the Internet Computer.  🔓

• More to come….

You really don’t want to miss those.

Who is contributing to this project? 🤝

The project is a community project, if you want to come and give some help, you are welcome.

Here’s the Metascore organization:

We are currently 3️ 👦.

1- Quint: He is a Motoko top-star, he has been in the developer discord for a long time and he is among the best developers of this community.

He has been contributing a lot to different projects (NFTs, Motoko library…) through Aviate labs:  and recently contributed a lot to Metascore.

2- Jorgen : He is an experienced developer with more than 10 years of experience. He has recently jumped into the blockchain world with the Internet Computer.  

He participated in the previous hackathon with the game: Saga Tarot. He has also been an active member of the Discord community and he started the Metascore project.

3- Seb: (me) a not-so experienced developer, I recently jumped into the development world when I fell in love with the Internet Computer a few months ago.

Building Motoko School, doing educational videos and recently I joined Metascore to help and create educational resources to integrate games. I also participated in the previous hackathon with “Welcome into the Metaverse”.

Do you have plans for after the hackathon? 💡

This first tournament is only the first trial for the Metascore project.

The futures possibilities are exciting:

We will be back for the next season probably and this time it will be up to the best players of this season to configure the parameters of the tournament.

The integration of non-transferable badges with the rest of the Internet Computer ecosystem is also important.

In a not-so-far future, create a product that allows anyone or any organization to organize their own tournaments and configure everything is also a possibility.


Inspired by the perspective of Open Internet. Fell in love with the IC. Learning development since then, building Motoko School and Welcome into the Metaverse.🌀
Also doing educational videos.

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