Meme Cake is a project developed by former NEM, SYMBOL & VeChain developers, and it's lead by one of the Sr. Product Managers of Cardano. The team has over 30 years of software development experience combined and has worked in the blockchain industry for the past five years.

Hello ICP fans,

Let me start with an Introduction. My name is Dino, and I am the co-founder of Meme Cake. I am incredibly excited to talk about our project (who doesn't like to talk about their babies). When I started writing this article, I wanted to make sure that it was easy for everyone to understand. As a Product Manager, I always try to see the products from a user perspective and then tell the story. Let me start with a very basic question

Why do we need a decentralized comedy social networking platform?

Before I answer this question, I want to light on one of our founders Bug Slayer (Not a real name). He is from a country that's ruled by a communist regime. He used to run a political Meme Instagram page with over 120K followers. A few months ago, he received a letter to shut down the page immediately or face criminal charges. This letter was a reminder from an authoritarian regime that you need permission to enjoy a good comedy.

Memes are units of cultural propagation, such as songs, ideas, fashion styles, hairstyles. In its dissemination, memes cannot be separated from the role of the internet, especially social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The various memes uploaded on social media are a form of reaction to the country's current turmoil. These memes raise the other side of the rally that is far from anarchist since it contains graphic design and writing full of innuendos that appeal to its readers. The appearance of graphic design and writing, better known as memes, has become its own concern as a tool to convey messages through social media.

In 2010, a group of individuals launched a type of social media equipped with features for editing photos and videos added a new way to send messages to each other. This social media is now known as Instagram. Meme accounts are often accused of stealing content from creators without giving proper credit. It is becoming challenging to build a business for meme content creators and prove their ownership on Instagram.

Meme Cake makes it easy for meme creators to create content through its web and mobile platform. I feel like it's not fair to tell the story without memes. So let me share some slides that I prepared. I can assure you that it's funny as f!

Now imagine getting at least 20% of the above traffic to Meme Cake!
We are made for each other :) 

We are also launching a series of Meme NFT characters. Meet our first meme character "Dick."(Did you really expect anything else from us?)

Our pre-sale ended on Oct 12th, and we sold out all Dick's within 5 hours. You can still grab one on the public minting day (Oct 28th). To know more, please join our Discord server --

Thank you for reading :) Have a good day.


I am a Product Manager currently working with Cardano Blockchain. I love Dfinity and the people behind Dfinity.

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